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Organizing for Sustainability

Ph.D Business Strategy and Sustainability

I'm a university professor, board director, and consultant specializing in the relationship between organizational (or business) strategy and value creation along social, ecological, governance, and economic dimensions.  

Areas of Expertise

Corporate Social Responsibility 
Social Entrepreneurship
Organizational Development
Sustainability Reporting

My expertise lies in the relationship between business and society with a specific focus on understanding how to align organizational strategy with ecological, social, and governance objectives.  Few organizations have been able to move beyond philanthropic efforts to address social issues or at best stop at the business case, leaving efforts peripheral to core operations and strategy.  I help organizations understand the current relevance of sustainability to their strategy and then help to chart a course on how to increase this relevance over time so that sustainability can be an area of distinction in the marketplace. 

Areas of Expertise


Management Consulting

Short Courses/Workshops


Academic Research


Management Consulting:  I provide consulting services for organizations needing assistance in the area of strategic management, sustainability, strategy implementation, sustainability reporting, and responsible business.   


Short Courses/Workshops:  I provide educational courses for organizations on the topics of sustainability and responsible business.  My most popular day long course embodies a highly participative endeavor where organization members embark on a journey to understand the current strategic relevance of sustainability in their organization and the potential that sustainability can represent for their organizational strategy.

Speaking:  I provide speaking services predominantly around the topic of sustainability and responsible business.  This includes an overview of the current research on corporate social responsibility and corporate sustainability, customized presentations to a particular industry or organization as it pertains to sustainability, and my own specialized research on the topic.


Academic Research:  I am trained in how to conduct rigorous academic research spanning a range of topics within the broader theme of business and society.  My services include conducting publishable research on behalf of an organization that will aid in their strategic endeavors as it pertains to sustainability.


Directorship:  I currently sit on one board and am available to contribute my expertise to additional boards of progressive organizations that are looking for expertise on how to make or retain sustainability as a key value proposition for their organization. 

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Below is a selection of resources organizations might find helpful as they embark on their sustainability journey.  

What is Business Strategy?

How to Evaluate Corporate Sustainability Reports

5 Strategies for Business Sustainability


Contact Me

Schulich School of Business

York University

4700 Keele Street

Toronto, Canada

Tel: 416-892-0429


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