Chipotle Challenges Conventional Fast-Food

With a philosophy of “Food with Integrity”, Steve Ells, the founder and chairman of fast-food chain Chipotle Mexican Grill believes that it’s really important that people know where their food is coming from. Ells is a certified chef trying to defy the definition of fast food for the many consumers visiting its 870 restaurants. Chipotle buys no pork from factory farms and 100% of the chicken they serve is grown on a vegetarian diet, free-ranged with no antibiotics. Steve’s main supplier is Joel Salatin, owner of family-owned Polyface Farms, who prides himself on sustainable farming practices that fundamentally challenge the existing food system. More details are available in ABC’s coverage o

The Role of Business Schools in the Financial Crisis

“Give it your best shot” says a frustrated and annoyed Dean of Columbia Business School as the interviewer in the Oscar winning documentary “Inside Job” questions him about a potential conflict of interest. The Dean, as Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers under the Bush Administration, advised the deregulation of the derivatives market while earning hundreds of thousands of dollars as a consultant and director of financial firms that would ultimately benefit financially if the government followed his advice. But the President of the Economics Department at Harvard argues that economics and business academics Laura Tyson, Frederic Mishkin, and Larry Summers are not facing a conflict

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