The Case Against Responsible Business?

Recently, the Wall Street Journal published an article outlining the “case against corporate social responsibility”. This was well written and is indeed a provocative piece for students of business, practitioners, academic scholars, and even policy makers. While I think the author brings up some very important points with which I agree, there are some elements of his logic that I find disturbing, or at least misguided. Where I Agree First, the author states, “in cases where private profits and public interests are aligned, the idea of corporate social responsibility is irrelevant”. This is a very interesting and important point because it suggests that companies may be promoting themselv

I'm Starving!

Last Thursday afternoon, having forgotten my lunch at home, I spent an hour trying to find something to eat. I walked and drove up and down a number of streets in a small corner of the GTA, passing by 4 Tim Hortons, 3 Pizza Pizzas, 8 Subways, a Wendy’s, a KFC, 2 McDonald’s, and a Pizza Hut. One day later, driving north from Toronto on highway 400, I was overtaken again by hunger. I passed a couple of large service stations that had a wide array of food options from Pizza Pizza to Starbucks to Wendy’s to McDonald’s to Tim Hortons. Avoiding these, I then I took a number of exits between Toronto and Barrie but had no luck in finding something that would cure my appetite. Some might say that

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